StockTwits All-Stars: Admiring Technician Richard Blades

There are few chartists I admire more than Richard Blades (@rsblades) on StockTwits.

He’s a pro who has been studying equity price behavior for over 25 years.

Richard posts high quality charts daily to the stream but he’s not a boastful guy and doesn’t take victory laps after a big trade. Just not his style.

Instead, he quietly follows strong stocks over time and updates his analysis on them regularly. His StockTwits stream is almost like a journal for him that the rest of us get to watch in real time.

The other thing that makes me a fan of Richard is his generosity. If you are a novice or intermediate technician and you have questions, he will get back to you with a thoughtful answer and ask nothing in return.

Pretty awesome.

Here’s a couple charts from RSB’s weekend StockTwits Charts Stream. Enjoy…

Richard has been on $PIR for a while now tracking its steady move higher from the mid teens:

$PIR Continues to work on building the flag on its bull flag – BO over $20.85″

 Richard tracked the break out on $IFF and now the emerging bull flag:

$IFF Transition from a pennant BO to a bull flag – next entry over $64.29″


You can find @rsblades full StockTwits stream HERE.


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